Top Health Benefits of Maca

health-benefits-of-maca-rootMany modern-day consumers are going back to basics, realizing the many therapeutic benefits of plants, and one lucky herb in the limelight is the natural maca root. You may have heard people raving about the nutritional benefits of maca powder, but possibly still confused about what maca actually is? Maca is related to the radish plant and has been cultivated in Peru for centuries. The powder comes in different colors and the right dosage can help improve metabolism and let people feel more energetic.

Some people may refer Maca as the “Peruvian Natural Viagra” due to its stamina building and libido enhancing properties, but it is much more than that, knowing the healing properties of maca root will let you understand why it has become many people’s much favored supplement.

Health Benefits of Maca

The benefits of maca can be enjoyed by physically fit individuals (including athletes) as well as those struggling with health issues. Grown in Peru’s mountains, maca abounds in the market nowadays in the form of supplement capsules. It may also be taken in its raw form, mixed with water or juice.

Real maca root powder or premium quality maca supplement can provide the body with potassium. People unable to eat whole foods high in potassium, including cantaloupes, bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach & other green veggies, require a supplement. If you fall short of the recommended daily intake of potassium, and/or happen to be encountering problems such as sexual dysfunction, a doctor-approved dietary supplement like maca pills may be of help.

Maca is also incredibly rich in vitamin B, C and E and provides plenty of zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.

Studies show that regular intake of maca powder benefits the body in more ways than one. Some benefits include:
• hormone levels are adjusted naturally
• energy levels are increased. People working the daily grind or engaging in manual labor for hours on end may find themselves easily bouncing back
• help combat discomforts that come with menopause while also aiding males exhibiting signs of erectile dysfunction.

In a nutshell, maca is an affordable herbal remedy with powerful effects that can help improve how people feel or contribute in some way to achieving a good quality of life. If your cholesterol count is off the charts or if you’re noticing menstrual irregularity or low libido, a maca vitamin supplement may work wonders.

Furthermore Maca’s light and nutty flavor makes it a great superfood which can easily be taken with juices, puddingsyogurt and smoothies.

Possible side effects of Maca

The benefits of maca powder, as with most supplements, may come with a downside. While maca has been shown to improve sexual functioning and promote a positive overall well-being, intake of maca root pills has produced effects like sweaty palms, a rapid heartbeat, diarrhoea, and a tense feeling in some people. Hence, consulting a medical practitioner on suitability and the right maca dosage is very important. Note any adverse effects and consult a healthcare practitioner about them.

Some of the other maca root side effects in some people are:
• skin allergy or a flushed skin appearance
• headache
• heartburn
• upset stomach
• development of goiter

There are people who may not experience these effects after taking maca supplementation, though, and regard the benefits of maca root as nothing short of amazing and claim that the maca side effects are outweighed by the benefits including  better skin, improved libido, alleviated anxiety, and so on.

What type of Maca product is best?

Wondering which form of the maca herb is best for you? A maca root extract may be potent since there’s more concentration of active ingredients. Whether you opt for the capsulated, powdered, or extract form, go for a high quality natural maca product. Before taking raw maca powder or maca extract, always consult with a health practitioner.

The health benefits of maca – from increasing energy to battling chornic fatigue and anemia, to possibly warding off osteoporosis, improving sexual functioning, bolstering the immune system, and more – are too many to miss out on. Nonetheless, using maca as an occasional supplement must be approached with caution, always start with small amounts or check with a health professional.

Do you take Maca and what’s your favorite uses?

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