Top 6 Benefits of Blending

benefits-of-blendingA blender is surely a great addition to any kitchen, and once you get one you may be surprised how you could ever live without a blender. Having a blender opens up the door to to a whole new way of cooking as you will easily be able to include a greater amount of fruits and vegetable in your diet. So let’s look at some benefits of blending and why I love my blender!

Liquid meals: Liquid meals are increasingly becoming popular not only as being handy but also as tasty health boosting drinks, and smoothies are a great example of that. In smoothies, opposite to juice the fiber is left intact creating more of a meal feel. The beauty of smoothies is that you will be able to use a variety of ingredients and not just fresh produce. You can use frozen fruit or add nuts, seeds or other super foods and choose your favorite liquid base.

Greens: Smoothies are a great way to add greans to your diet, and as they are easy to blend with other vegetables or fruit you may hardly notice that you are having them e.g. a berry green smoothie. By blending you will be able to comsume raw leafy greens that you normally wouldn’t eat. Juicing is also a great example of that.

Quick and easy: When it comes to blending the actual use as well as cleaning is certainly not a chore. It only takes a couple of minutes to make a smoothie and even less to clean it. Blending a soup may only take 1/2 minute. So although I am a big fan of juicing too, I must say that there’s no comparison when it comes to effort. It takes a lot longer to juice and clean up.

Fiber: Well, there’s no waste when blending, everything that went in stays and so does the fiber, which help regulate blood sugar, is great for digestion and generally you just makes you feel fuller.

Soups: Blenders are handy when it comes to soups, not that you can’t make a soup without a blender though. However if you like your soups smooth and blended in a matter of seconds a blender surely does the trick. To be honest, soups weren’t a frequent meal on the menu until I got a blender, but now soups are a big part of my meals. Some blenders e.g. Vitamix are good for blender soups, meaning that all you need to do is add the ingredients to the blender jug and it will come out as a hot soup! But if you are using the traditional method of a pot, a blender is surely handy. Just like a smoothie, soups are also excellent ways of boosting your nutrient intake with vegetables, beans, lentils etc. If you are into making your own dips, adding a blender to your kitchen is just another reason.

Nut/Soy milk: If you would like an alternative to dairy, nut and soy milks are a great alternative. Of course there’s plenty of varieties at the shops, but if you would like to make your own in minutes a blender is certainly beneficial.

So there you go, these were just some of the benefits of blending, but all things that I wouldn’t be without and why I love my blender.

What’s your favorite uses of your blender? Happy Blending!











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