List of Inspiring Documentaries within Health and Wellbeing

You may already have come across some of these health inspiring documentaries as they have been out for a few years, but nevertheless they are still relevant and perhaps more so than ever, as our food and lifestyle choices are increasingly becoming under strain. Shocking, inspiring and deeply moving at the same time, these documentaries are surely food for thought.

Here’s a list of some absolutely must see documentaries about Food, Health, Sustainability and Happiness. Enjoy!

forks-over-knives-documentary Forks Over Knives (2011) is a great documentary, directed by independent filmmaker Lee Fulkerson. It examines the Western diet of processed and animal based foods and reveals that common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer can be controlled or even reversed by switching to a plant-based diet. It follows two pioneering researchers Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn as well as patients who have recovered from illness via changes in food choices. It’s a very informative and educational film which is well worth watching even if you are already a believer in a plant-based diet.

Forks over knives the book. This New York Times bestselling book does a wonderful job explaining why plant based diets are the optimal way to good health. Not only does it provide facts on plant based foods but a big part of the book presents healthy recipes which makes it easy for anyone to switch to a plant based diet.

fat-sick-and-nearly-dead-documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was released in 2010 and is a wonderful documentary featuring Joe Cross, an Australian entrepreneur who suffers from obesity and lifestyle related issues, who decides to make a radical change for the better by going on a 60 day Juice Fast. Whilst Juicing, he travels through America where he meets other people suffering from the same or related problems, and the documentary shows how consuming raw fruits and veggies, changes peoples health and well being.
It’s a nicely put together documentary which leaves a good feeling, and clearly shows the enormous benefits of juicing.

food-inc-movieFood Inc. directed by Robert Kenner (2008), is quite a confronting documentary which exposes America’s heavily industrialized food system, and its affects on the environment, health and well-being. It’s a powerful film which honestly brought tears to my eyes when I watched it.

It confirms ones absolute worst nightmares about the food industry, but it is an absolute must see movie, which serves a strong reminder to consistently make the correct food choices, both morally and in regards to nutrition. A strong wake-up call.


food-matters-documentary Foodmatters (2008) is a controversial documentary which looks at our current state of health, and seeks to uncover the medical industry’s practices of heavy medication usage as a solution to common health problems. The documentary looks at alternative ways to prevent and reverse illnesses through therapies, detoxification and nutritional food choices which are less invasive than conventional treatments. In basic terms it presents food as medicine, and overall aims to educate people so we can make better choices.

The film is produced and directed by James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch and is independently funded to remain unbiased. It’s an excellent documentary which provides plenty of food for thought.


hungry-for-change-documentary Hungry for Change – The latest documentary from the creators of foodmatters. It looks at the heavy sugar content in our diet, and examines the current “Diet trend” which is designed, not to help you lose weight but actually to make you crave more and more.

It features interviews with leading health experts, authors and the like, and its message is clear and precise. It’s once again time to wake up and take health into our own hands.

The following three documentaries are absolutely wonderful. They all take a look at this intangible thing of happiness; I AM centered around a personal story and Happy as a look across the globe on what makes people happy. Finding Joe in the sense of finding your bliss.

Finding Joe: Finding Joe is wonderful documentary which looks at “the hero’s journey”, the state of “bliss” and the philosophies of Joseph Campbell. “How to find your bliss” is discussed by various experts, film writers and authors such as Deepak Chopra and Akiva Goldsman – it’s a deep and very inspiring documentary which is well worth watching more than once and keeping as a reference.




Happy: features interviews with real life people on what makes them happy and combines it with interesting research from leading experts in happiness.





I AM looks at the current state of society and poses the questions “what’s wrong with the world? and what can we do about it?” It is the story of movie director Tom Shadyac and his journey to happiness, meeting with various thinkers and environmentalists who provide valuable aspects on essential human behaviour and happiness factors.




Fresh looks at our current food system and its impact on pollution, health and the planet as a whole seen through the eyes of farmers and thinkers who have experienced the rapid change in agricultural ways.





Vegucated:This comedy type of documentary follows three cheese and meat loving people in their 6 week journey adopting a vegan diet and also a whole new way of thinking!




Ingredients: Follow a food movement in its efforts to bring back locally grown produce around the United States.






Got the facts on Milk? A controversial documentary which questions the supposed health benefits of milk and looks at its role in society.




Dying to have known focuses on Gerson’s natural cancer cure, as film maker Steve Kroschel goes on a 52 day journey to seek evidence that supports natural healing.





The beautiful truth is another documentary which investigates the Gerson therapy, and reveals why it is in the best interest of the medical industry, not to take notice of this cure.



The Real Dirt on Farmer John: the story of farmer John and his struggles being different in rural America and keeping farming real.



Super size me: about a guy who decides to purely eat fast food for 30 days and the direct impact it has on his health.




King Corn: yet another look at America’s heavily industrialized food system, and how corn is used in the most absurd ways.






The Future of Food: a detailed look into the truth behind the highly processed foods that fill the majority of the shelves in the supermarket.



Chow down: Being turned down by doctors, three people take life into their own hands and cure their heart disease and diabetes the natural way.




Farmageddon: The struggles of innocent farmers to produce food the natural way due to US government’s attempt to protect corporate interests.



Fast Food Nation: Based on the Fast Food nation bestselling book this movie (packed with Hollywood stars) shows the appalling  operations of a fast food chain, from abusive work environments where nothing is treated with fairness, whether animals or humans.





The World According to Monsanto: This is a powerful film which examines Monsanto’s chemical production, their involvement in GM crops and their exploitation of farmers and the catastrophic impact on the environment. An absolute must see.


One Man, One Cow, One Planet: How a New Zealand couple helps local farmers in India bring their soil back to life after their livelihood was destroyed by big conglomerates (Monsanto). If you have watched the above “The world according to Monsanto” documentary, this movie gives a little bit of hope as a small revolution to save the soil has started in India.





Dirt: An interesting look at man’s relationship with dirt; how we used to take care of it and how we are now destroying our natural resources.




Tapped: This documentary looks at the bottled water industry and its effects on health and environment.



I hope you will enjoy this list of inspiring documentaries, let me know your thoughts and if you have come across any other interesting ones.



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