Top 10 Reasons to Go Camping

camping Camping is a fun and economical way to experience nature and connect with family and friends, and with the stresses of modern life there’s every reason to get out. I used to be a reluctant camper, convinced that it wasn’t for me, but I finally took the plunge a while back and have never looked back since. So if you haven’t camped before or it has been a while, it might be time to dust off the tent and get out there. Here is my top 10 benefits of going away camping:

1) Camping makes you enjoy the simple things in life as it brings us back to basics. We often accumulate stuff for no real gain and seeing how little we can get by with is a good reminder to keep things simple, if you like the minimalist lifestyle that is.

2) It provides time to think and connect. In modern life it can be hard to find a quiet space to pause and reflect, and camping does exactly that. It removes you from your daily stresses and provides a breathing space.

3) Camping gives you an opportunity to bond with family and friends. The connection that you gain when camping is very different to spending time at a cafe or dinner at someone’s house. You gain a deeper connection when doing something actively together such as cooking over the fire or helping setting the tent up.

4) Depending on if you are wild camping or staying on a camp site you may have the opportunity to make new friends. At camp sites people are often friendly and talkative when you come pitching a tent or parking your van next to theirs. When camping alone in the wild you may make a few furry friends or two!

5) If living in the city or suburbia seeing wildlife usually isn’t a part of the daily routine, so when camping you will often get the chance to get close to amazing wildlife and live more “in tune” with nature.

6) When camping you might try out some new things such as kayaking or fishing and pick up a new hobby that you may continue in your daily life.

7) Camping makes you appreciate what you have. The modern conveniences that we enjoy suddenly feel so much more luxurious when you get home, and you forget all about upgrading the looks of the tap when you return to a nice hot shower. “As long as it works” becomes the main thing.

8) Camping forces you to turn off as you’ll often be in remote areas with no or limited phone and internet access. Instead of watching TV, playing games or playing around with your phone you will get to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

9) You may learn some new skills when camping. It’s handy learning some basic survival skills and camping may just be the right place to do that.

10) Camping is affordable, so you may be able to extend your holiday if you are on a budget.

Camping can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be, so if you are only just starting out you may choose a modern campsite with all the facilities on site and then progress on to more basic sites and hiking. Either way it’s good to get out, so get the bags packed!




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