How to deal with motion sickness

motion-sicknessAre you one of the unlucky ones? Do you fear hopping on almost mode of transport, worried what you will be put through this time? Then you are probably one of the unlucky ones, just like me, who always, or at least used to, suffer tremendously from motion sickness, and spoil the most special moments.

There’s no doubt that motion sickness can ruin both your and your fellow traveler’s experience, but the good news is that there are things which can be done to lessen the discomfort, and even get rid of some of the symptoms. I have coped with motion sickness for years, so here I’ll share my progress on what I have overcome and what I haven’t, as well as some general advice on how to deal with it.

Surviving the plane ride

Plane journeys used to be my biggest nightmare, hours of torture with my face going through various color schemes. But today almost miraculously, I’m able to enjoy even long distance flight without any kind of medication. I used to almost entirely depend on various motion sickness tablets as well as chewing ginger gum to get me through the flight, and I’m relieved to see that after a lot of time in the air, I have actually overcome the sickness, and no longer need to worry as long as I follow the basics:

  • Avoid reading or bending down
  • Avoid alcohol & Fizzy drinks
  • Focus on the horizon
  • For me it seems that claustrophobia impacts on motion sickness, so even if you are just slightly claustrophobic organize an isle seat if possible (it’s somehow comforting to know that there’s easy access to the toilets!)
  • Avoid heavy meals (junk food) and have a light meal before
  • Bring refreshing snacks
  • Be well rested, if possible
  • Always keep a bottle of water handy
  • Try to keep your mind occupied on something else than the flight it self

How to enjoy the boat ride

You have probably already been on a cruise or day trip and not been able to enjoy the buffet, right? I know that one way too well but I have improved significantly. Wouldn’t quite go as far as saying “overcome” but these few simple tricks can make a real difference:

  • Avoid heavy meals (junk food)
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Look at the horizon
  • Try to be as close to a window as possible
  • Sit outdoors if possible
  • Keep hydrated
  • Go upstairs as soon as the boat departs, don’t spend time in the cabin first, as motion sickness can be a battle to reverse once started

Travelling on 4 wheels

Bus and car traveling is another frustrating one. The common scenario: A stuffy heavy loaded bus with frequent stopping and a back seat passenger on windy roads – The ultimate recipe for disaster. However, there’s good news! I have overcome the car issue and still working on managing the bus. So, here’s a few little things to lighten up the trip:

  •  If possible, be the car driver your self
  • Sit in the front seats of the car or bus
  • Open the windows
  • Avoid reading & playing around with your phone
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon
  • Not to forget: Never travel on an empty stomach and keep your fluids up
  • All thought not always the case, you should hopefully experience that the more frequently you travel in a car or bus the less affected you will become.

Medication & Side effects

There are various medications available to provide relief for motion sickness, but I find it hard to point out any excellent solution, as each individual responds differently. Some things to be aware of if taking motion sickness tablets are the possible side effects such as:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Stomach ache

Although I have never had high hopes for wrist bands, some remedies to possibly try out are the motion sickness Relief Wrist bands, which are meant to provide relief by regulating the nausea signaling process via electronic stimulation as well as acupressure bracelets and motion sickness patches.


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