Juices vs Smoothies and their Benefits

Juice or Smoothie – which one is best? Smoothies and fresh juices are increasingly becoming popular as important health boosting drinks, and as I’m a big fan of them both, I’m often asked which one is the best and has the most health benefits. Smoothies and juices are two quite different things, but both have their place in a balanced diet, so here we’ll have a look at some of the benefits of each.

Juices vs Smoothies:

juicesWhy Juice? Benefits of Juicing 

Whether you prefer to make fruit & vegetable drinks in a juicer or blender, juices and smoothies are amazing to add to any diet, as they provide us with much needed nutrients served up in a delicious way. Both Juices and Smoothies allow us to be creative, as it’s easy to mix our match and try something new. If you are a juice fan you have probably come across some of these benefits before, but if you are new to juicing, these are some of the commonly known positives of juicing.

Quick absorption of Nutrients: When running fruits and vegetables through a juicer, insoluble fibers are being removed (the soluble fiber remain) which makes it easy for body to immediately absorb as the process of digesting solids gets bypassed. Also by juicing you’ll be able to consume much more raw produce than you otherwise would, as it is a lot easier to drink a bunch or kale or spinach than it is to eat.

Highly nutrient dense: Fresh juices are full of phytonutrients, also called phytochemicals or micro nutrients; compounds which are found in vegetables, grains, fruits and plants and are commonly known as vitamins and minerals. When juicing the body gets access to these micro nutrients all at once in a highly concentrated form which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Get more Fruit & Veg into your day: Juicing takes a lot of produce which means that we’ll be able to consume large amounts of raw produce in one go. Things which we normally wouldn’t eat raw, or normally wouldn’t like, can easily be mixed in to a juice allowing us to get more fruit and vegetables into our day.

Cleanser & Immune system booster: Juicing, and green juicing in particular, is known for its cleansing effects, liver detox and overall health benefits as consumption of large amounts of micro nutrients help strengthen our immune system and reduce the risk of various cancers, diabetes and heart conditions.

smoothieWhy Blend? Benefits of Smoothies

As opposed to Juice, Smoothies may include a variety of ingredients and not just fresh produce, leaving the options open to create more of a meal feel. A juice can certainly be quite filling too, but many people find smoothies handy, as they contain a liquid base which can be anything from plain water and juice, to dairy products, green tea, rice/soy/almond milk and coconut water.

Smoothies are a meal: Some Smoothies may feel like more of a meal as the fiber is left intact and take longer to break down. You can add fresh or frozen fruit, leafy vegetables, crushed ice, yogurt and sprinkle with your favorite topping e.g. seeds and nuts. You may even add ice cream as a treat, but of course it isn’t the greatest option from a health perspective.

Vitamins in skin & flesh: Whole fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which we benefit from when drinking smoothies. Consuming enough fiber is important for digestion, controlling hunger and for regulating blood sugar. As opposed to juicing we benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in the flesh and skin of vegetables and fruits.

Stable energy levels & weight loss: Although juicing is a fantastic way to lose and maintain weight, many people find their energy levels more stable due to the slow release of energy, and find themselves less likely to succumb to cravings and hence lose weight. However, you may also find a vegetable based juice create a similar effect.

Both Smoothies and fresh juices are a great way to boost the immune system, and get some extra energy. They are a bit like comparing apples to oranges – they are very different things, but both have a place on the menu, and are delicious ways to include micro nutrients in our diet.

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