How to make time on the exercise bike more fun

exercise-bikeAre you bored with the exercise bike at the gym or do you have one at home which rarely gets used? Then it may be time to find some new inspiration to get back on the bike. I have been on and off the cross trainer and exercise bike, but have recently varied my routine to keep me going.

It may seem obvious, but sometimes you may forget, but put on some inspiring music that makes you feel like moving.

Watch your favorite TV show, internet streaming on put on a DVD.

Read an easy going book or magazine, or use your Ipad, kindle, e-reader or whatever you have, or just your phone really.

Watch a few Youtube videos (maybe you can find some full episodes of your favorite comedy show)

If you are into games, maybe play some simple online games.

Listen to your favorite radio station or listen to internet radio.

Do a program, instead of just using the same level, why not select a program such as hills or maybe even a fitness challenge?

You may be lucky that your gym or health club (if you go to one) has modern facilities, so you have a lot of entertainment options to choose from. Some may be internet, youtube and social media access, virtual fitness programs, fitness challenges, a variety of TV and radio stations, music videos and more. So if that’s the case, make sure you use it! Exercising becomes so much more fun. Just remember to bring some ear phones.

If you machine has virtual running/cycling installed, go for a run in the forest or around the lake, or maybe discover a new city or country. Put on some nice music and cycle through the virtual world. You may also do this at home.

Exercise with a friend – if you find it hard to find motivation, maybe meet with a friend, have a nice chat and help encourage each other.

There is plenty of options to keep you occupied, and I’m sure you can come up with even more things. As long as you are enjoying your self it doesn’t matter what option you go for, as long as you are getting a good workout and don’t do anything too complicated whilst exercising which may prevent you from giving it your best.

Have fun.






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