What’s Geocaching? And why you may give it a go

geocachingUntil not long ago geocaching was just a word that I didn’t really associate with anything exciting, but a couple of friends recently took us geocaching around the local area, and guess what, it was a lot of fun! We got to explore new areas and it was a great way to get out and about.

Geocaching in a form of treasure hunt where someone hides a little box ranging in size, some maybe even a micro cache, for others to find using a GPS or mobile app. It can be hidden anywhere from underneath stairs to rocks and logs, and it often takes a good look around to locate it. Geocaching can be done anywhere with a variety of treasures located around the world. You may be surprised how many would be placed just around your local area.

A typical geocache hunt would be something like this: You log on to the geocache website and do a search by area, and you will then see the geographic locations of the geocaches and the details. Put the data into the GPS (make you sure have a handy guy:-) and head out with friends or family for a fun day trying to locate it or them if you choose a few. You may combine it with a picnic or a swim if near the beach.

official-geocacheOnce you locate the geocache, which is typically a waterproof box containing a little note book, some information about the location and several trinkets (anything from little plastic toys to pens), you are encouraged to write a note in the book with details of the finders and your experience in locating it. You should take one of the trinkets and swap it with one of your own, so you may leave a key ring or other little thing that you may have. Once completed upload a message to the geocache website to make sure you keep the geocache community going.

So why go geocaching? It’s a cheap and easy way to get out and discover new areas, and it can be done almost anywhere and is suitable for families and adults. It’s good exercise and fun, so why not give it a try? And who knows you may get into it that much that you may want to start creating your own geocaches for others to find.

Have fun.






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