7 Amazing Benefits of Swimming

benefits-of-swimming We all know that swimming is good for us, but when did you actually go last? If you haven’t been to the pool for a while, it may be time to jump back in if you would like to enjoy the health benefits that swimming provides. Swimming is a low cost and low impact activity which can be enjoyed by all ages, and throughout all seasons. Here’s 7 amazing benefits of swimming:

1) Good exercise – swimming is a good all-round sport as nearly all your muscles are used during swimming, and it keeps your heart rate up whilst the impact stress on your body is lessened. As you are moving your whole body against the resistance of the water, it not only tones muscles and builds strength, but also builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

2) Rehabilitation & Therapy - If you suffer from a condition or injury then you probably already know how good swimming and water exercises are as low-impact therapy and rehabilitation forms. As there is no ground impact when you swim, you protect the joints from strains, making it a well suited activity for people who suffer from arthritis or recovering from injury.

swimming3) Healthy weight - swimming is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and burn off excess calories. You may have noticed how much energy you burn when doing laps (without stopping at each end)!

4) Easy access & low cost- another simple benefit is that swimming is available in many places. You can swim at your local swim center, health club, lake, pool, beach or dam which should make it easy to fit in to your lifestyle. It’s low cost, or even free if you swim at the beach or is lucky enough to have a public pool nearby.


5) Lifetime hobby - swimming is a great pastime which can be continued for a lifetime, and with the versatility of the sport you can go as easy or as hard as you are capable of. Swimming is also a great social activity, and you may make some new friends joining an aqua aerobics or aqua zumba class.

6) Stress release – When swimming you get a chance to relax and forget about your worries. Swimming is a great way to cool down on a hot day, or just have some fun in the water.

7) Mood – it’s commonly known that endorphins are released when we exercise, which directly impacts mood, so we feel uplifted after a good workout. For some swimming may also be a form of “medicine”, as it may help relieve anxiety and depression. I guess almost everyone would agree that we feel much better after a swim than when we went in.

Swimming is a great sport for physical and mental health with so many benefits that it’s hard to find an excuse not to do it, unless you dislike water or can’t swim competently. Getting over the bathing suit anxiety may be a hurdle, but just remember, many people aren’t comfortable in swim wear (including me), and the benefits and fun of swimming are just too good to miss out on. So are you ready to hop in?

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