6 Fun activities for the Beach or Park

badmintonWhen was the last time you let your hair down and just had some plain and simple fun playing a few games down the beach or in the local park? If it has been a while then it may be time to pull out the old stuff, and take the family or a few friends for a couple of hours of fun. I’m sure your kids would love you for it. Additionally to flying a kite (if you ever do that anyway), here’s some good old activities which it may be time to rekindle.

1) Badminton, the classic old game perfect for a calm day by the beach or in the park. I hadn’t played since I was a kid, and it wasn’t until recently where I had a game with a group of friends on the beach, that I rediscovered how much fun it was.

volleyball2) The same goes for tennis, have a few games of beach tennis in the water, on the sand or in the park, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the body moving and have a laugh or two.

3) Another fun sport is volleyball. It may be easy to be put off by the many pro looking guys and girls on the beach, but give it a go anyway. Just remember how much fun you used to have doing it, or if it hasn’t been your cup of tea, maybe give it another shot.

petanque4) A more quite activity is bocce ball (the Italian version) or petanque (the French version) as it’s also referred to. I’m sure you would  have come across it, but if not, it’s a ball sport belonging to the boules family which traditionally is played on natural soil courts. You can play anywhere from two people up to several teams, and it’s suitable for all ages and for people who are less mobile. The basics of the game is to get closest to the jack, the small ball, and who ever does, receives points. If you play on hard sand on the beach or short grass in the park, it’ll should still be good enough to have a good time.

kayaking5) The remaining activities obviously requires water! So unless the park is by the lake or river, it may be time to get to one. Kayaking or canoeing are great activities to do with family or friends anywhere from a couple of hours to day and overnight trips. If it has been a long time ago since you have been out, or if you haven’t been out in a kayak or canoe before, rent one for a couple of hours and see how you like it, and if it’s something for you, you may consider buying one (if you have storage space) to save on rental costs. It’s great exercise and a nice way to spend a day out.

paddle-boarding6) The same goes for paddle boarding. You have probably seen them out of the lake a lot, but why not give it a try. It’s not as unstable as you think, I was surprised! So give it a go, and see just how well you are balancing. Your dog may even like stand up paddle boarding too.

Have Fun.



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