Walking for good Mental and Physical Health

walking-for-healthImprove Mental & Physical Health by Walking. Sounds simple enough, but why is it so hard to do? Walking for Health isn’t exactly a new thing and we all know that we should be doing more of it. Not only does a simple daily walk of 30 mins help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as half, and when being physically active endorphin’s are released in the brain which have a positive impact on lifting mood. With depression and anxiety on the increase there is every reason to get out, so here is how walking can help managing the darker moments.

Stop putting it off...and go for that walk!

I guess we all have those days where everything seems to go wrong and all self confidence is gone. You feel down and frustrated and feel like going somewhere, but aren’t really sure if you can afford the time, so you end up doing miscellaneous tasks around the house, and maybe watch an uninspiring TV show to finish off the day.

But perhaps that time could have been spent better? I’m wondering why it is so hard for us to allow ourselves the enjoyment of just a simple walk. Maybe it’s because we can’t physically see the immediate result, opposite to emptying the dishwasher or doing the laundry.

However, there is an immediate effect. As soon as you get out and start walking you’ll feel better. Things get put in perspective and it provides a space to reflect. I feel walking in nature provides the greatest relief. Go to the beach or forest if near one, or if you live in a city take a stroll in the park. Enjoy nature’s beauty and feel the wind. Not only have you now done your mind good but also your body as a whole.

Walking in the cold

Getting through winter can be tough, and if you live or have spent some time in the northern countries you would certainly know how hard and depressing those dark days can be, where the sun only just peeks over the horizon.

Going for a walk in the cold may not be what you feel like, but when the sun is out, the air is crisp and you walk on the frosty roads looking at the snow capped trees it’s well worth the effort! However on those grey slushy days a Health Club becomes handy, as you can get your body moving indoors or maybe even get to warm up in a nice hot spa. A Health Club or gym is sure a great thing in all climates and seasons and is another good way to keep fit in addition to going for a walk.

Join a Walking Group

Walking groups in Australia (I’m sure it’s everywhere else too) has started to become quite popular as it’s a free and fun way to be physically and socially active at the same time. Heart foundation Australia organise lots of walks at different levels suited to every age group and needs, and is an easy way to get started. Another great option is meetup.com where you can easily do an activity with like minded people, and even build a new friendship or two.

No matter what you do, the main thing is to allow yourself some breathing space and keep the body active to nurture body and soul.

So let’s go! Are you ready?

Source: Heart Foundation Australia

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