What is Juice Fasting?

juice-fasting-vegetable-juicesA Juice Fast or juice diet which it’s also commonly known as, is a detoxification fast in which you can only consume fresh raw fruits and vegetables and drink water. This is a juice diet in its strictest sense where no solid foods are allowed as well as consuming any tea, coffee or other fluids. A juice fast can usually last anywhere from a couple of days to around 10 days or 2 weeks. Some even longer if done under a doctor’s supervision. Other milder Juice Diets may include salads and eating fruits and vegetables as well.

Going on a juice diet requires physical and mental preparation, as you are basically throwing everything away that you are used to, and resetting your body’s system.

Successfully getting through a juice fast requires a lot of discipline and perseverance, so it’s important to be physically and mentally prepared before you start, so you don’t succumb to temptations, and don’t gain anything apart from a negative experience.

To make it easier it’s generally recommended to stop eating meat, fish, diary products, bread and grains about 5 days prior to starting a juice fast, and replace your food intake with salads, vegetables, fruits and juices. In that way the transition to fluids only will not be as hard.

The first one or two days are quite difficult for most people to get through. You may experience headaches, frequently go to the toilet and just generally feel a bit down, but don’t let it stop you – it will get better!

I have been positively surprised with the results of juice fasting as I have experienced family members lose an amazing amount of weight, improve liver functions and regain energy levels.

I occasionally detox for a few days which works fine for me, but how long and how you decide to go about juice fasting largely depends on individual circumstances and health requirements. If you are looking for motivation to start a juice fast, the most inspiring movie I have come across is Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead which clearly shows how changing habits and going on a juice diet can transform lives.

Juicing fasting is not suitable for everyone, so always check with a health professional prior to starting.


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