How to make a Smoothie?

Oster- smoothie-blender If you are just about to jump on the smoothie bandwagon here’s a quick and easy guide to get started. Smoothies are a quick and easy way to add nutrients into a diet, and as they they only take a couple of minutes to prepare they have become a popular liquid meal.

Smoothies differ from Juices in the sense that they contain the whole fruit or vegetable, and therefore require some sort of liquid to be added in order to make them drinkable rather than chewable. Common liquid bases include water, fruit juices, milk, yogurt, and non dairy options such as soy milk, almond and rice milk. Ice cubes are also commonly used.

So, how to make a smoothie? It’s really quite simple.

berry-smoothie1)  Firstly to make a smoothie you need a Blender

2) Then pour your choice of liquid into the blender jug. If you prefer the fresh juice option, e.g. orange juice run the oranges through a Juicer first, and then pour the juice into the blender jug.

3) Add your favorite fruits and/or vegetables.  Always wash and remove hard skins and seeds e.g. bananas, avocados, mango etc. and chop into chunky bits.

4) Blend till smooth and check consistency. You may add more liquid to your liking.

5) Serve and enjoy.

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