5 Quick Mango Juice + Smoothie Recipes


If you love tropical juices then these 5 quick mango juice + smoothie recipes will be hard to beat. Mangoes are sweet, refreshing and they are easy to include in fruit juices and healthy smoothies. Here’s some simple and delicious mango juice recipes which take less than 2 minutes to prepare. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

1) Orange Mango Juice
serves 1 
1/2 mango, peeled and pitted
2 large oranges, peeled


Mangoes are so sweet…

2) Pineapple Mango Juice
serves 1
1 mango
1/4 pineapple

3) Mango Kiwi Juice
serves 1 
1/2 mango
2 oranges
1 kiwifruit

Some may find you get more out mangoes by blending them so here’s some ideas  to some simple Mango Smoothies. You can choose to use water, milk, juice, ice cubes or yogurt as a liquid base.

Quick Mango Juice

Quick Mango Juice

4) Orange Mango Smoothie
serves 1

2 cups pealed and sliced mango
1 orange
1 cup water
Optional: add a few tablespoons of natural plain yogurt.

Blend until smooth and serve. 

5) Strawberry Mango Smoothie
serves 1 

1 cup mango
1 cup crushed ice
1 cup liquid base (e.g. water or milk)
1.5 cups strawberry

Blend until smooth and serve 


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