Juicing on a Budget

juicing-on-a-budget Juicing requires a fair bit  of produce which unfortunately doesn’t make it the cheapest option, but don’t let it hold you back. There are ways to get around it if your budget is tight, so you can still enjoy tasty and nutritious drinks. Investing in your health and well being is one of the best things one can ever do, and juicing is believed to be one of the keys to a healthier life. We all have different needs and budgets which influence how we decide to juice, but here is a few tips which may help you make juicing more affordable.

1) Prioritize. It may sound just too plain simple I know, but really do prioritize. There is surely some things that you can do without, for example candy and sweets (which aren’t good for you anyway), so there is room in the budget to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

2) Planning. Plan ahead and select a few juice recipes for the week and stick to those. Don’t complicate things and select lots of different juices for each day (although it’s tempting) as it requires a variety of produce which makes it hard to buy in bulk, and up goes the bill. It can also be difficult to get through all the produce before it goes off, so it’s important to plan and shop with the correct amount in mind.

3) Have a figure in mind. Roughly add up how much it’ll cost to make your planned juices and add it to your shopping list. Of course look for specials, but try not to get overwhelmed by all the things on offer. Stick to your planned juices.

4) Buy what’s in season and buy in bulk. If you want to buy organic, Farmer’s markets are great places for buying organic produce in bulk, so go there if near one or go to a good fruit and veg store. Base your juicing around ingredients which are easy relatively cheap to buy in bulk, and can easily be used in combination such as oranges, apples, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage etc. Find out what’s in season and base your weekly choices around those ingredients.

5) What about greens? As simple as it may sound you’ll get more out of your juices if juicing with high water content fruit and veg. You can squeeze a lot more out of an orange or carrot compared to greens e.g. spinach and cilantro. However, green juices are extremely nutritious, they are actually the most healthy type of juice, so it would be a shame to miss out on the health benefits just because of the cost, so it may still be recommended to include them in your budget. So you may begin your week with green juices and finish off with carrot juices. Select a few greens, you don’t need 10 different ones to make nutritious juices.

6) Berries and tropical fruits. If not in season berries can be expensive, so go with frozen ones. However, you may find that you get more out of your berries by blending them, so why not make a nice berry smoothie? Tropical fruits such as pineapple and melons may also be a bit pricey, so make them an occasional treat.

7) Type of Juicer? Well, it makes a difference. A centrifugal juicer may be quicker and more affordable but your fruits and vegetables won’t go as far as if they were juiced in a cold press juicer. So when using a centrifugal type of juicer, you may find you will need more produce to reach the same yield as if done with a cold press. However, the initial purchase cost of a cold press juicer (or slow juicer as they are also called) is higher, so you may consider what suits you. Cold press juicers generally generate a larger amount of juice and are particularly well suited for juicing greens as they slowly chew the produce, resulting in a higher quality of juice. However they generally aren’t as quick or easy to clean as a centrifugal type.

Happy Juicing.


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